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in civil engineering works.

All work is carried out

by qualified personnel
with cutting-edge equipment.

Edges or median / rumble strips?

Our cast-in place concrete work
will take shape to meet your requirements.


Who is Jean Leclerc Excavation?

As an expert in its field for over 40 years, Jean Leclerc Excavation is a general contractor that specializes in civil engineering work, such as cast-in place concrete curbs, median strips as well as rumble and audible strips. They also excel in leveling, asphalt pulverization, and public utility undergrounding. Thanks to its top-of-the-line machinery and avant-garde technological solutions, the company carries its assignments with great productivity. Hence, we provide high performance, quality works, and competitive rates to meet and exceed our clients’ requirements.

Jean Leclerc Excavation rigorous and professional services are offered throughout Quebec – from Abitibi to Outaouais and all the way to the Iles-de-la-Madeleine region, in the bordering areas of Ontario as well as the Maritimes. All required equipment is safely transported and the logistical management is ensured by an experienced project manager.

Jean Leclerc Excavation draws its strength from its expertise and its 130 highly-specialized employees. Furthermore, it is committed to deliver top-quality work, on schedule and on budget



Building and civil engineering works

Sotraco is an associate of Jean Leclerc Excavation and a general contractor specializing in building construction or refurbishment as well as civil engineering works. Sotraco offers a wide variety of services and performs excavation, demolition, and asbestos decontamination work.

A simple and ingenious solution!

A simple and ingenious solution

Rumble strips provide an effective solution to a serious problem. Designed to induced vibrations and an aural effect, such strips awake any distracted or sleepy driver. Jean Leclerc Excavation creates sidebands and median strips that protect  drivers’ life.