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Cast-in place concrete

Sliding forms, urban infrastructure, and other concrete structures

With our highly specialized machinery and our specially-trained employees, we can perform custom concrete works, at very interesting rates. We source our top-quality concrete from respectable industry manufacturers.

As cast-in place concrete experts, we produce curbs, culverts, symmetric and asymmetric median strips as well as guide rails that are specifically designed for developed public roads. In order to do so, we use an extrusion process: the concrete is poured into a sliding casting installed directly onto the machine so the concrete can be precisely cast and set, on site. In terms of sidewalks, we proudly excel in monolithic sidewalks and sidewalk slab mouldings.

Technical sheet

Arpentage (french version only)
Principaux moules à bordure (french version only)
Principaux moules à glissière (nouveaux moules) (french version only)
Principaux moules à glissière (anciens moules)  (french version only)